You do not have to worry about how to breastfeed your baby anymore. As a Mother, you already have enough things to stress about, so why not make breastfeeding easier? Preserve nutrients and let your child feed at their own pace with the Bybo Baby Bottle.


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Elenor M.

My son is 2 month old. This bottles design has been a game changer. Especially because my son seems to drink his milk quite frequently and midnight feedings are difficult so this bottle has been very helpful. It gives you those extra minutes you need to yourself.

Kydia Helen.

This hands free baby bottle is so convenient for busy moms. These have been great for when I don't have enough hands to go around. While I love the closeness of traditional bottle feeding, these have been a great alternative when things get hectic. They free my hands so that I can feed my older children at the same time. My 8 month old actually prefers these because he can easily put it in his mouth or take it out. He doesn't have to hold the whole bottle, just the nipple portion. This helps with the constant bottle dropping problem.

Linda May

I was skeptical but decided to buy this hand's free baby bottle for my 5 months old. When I received it, I put it together and put water into the bottle to tested it myself. It actually worked. I gave it to my son to try and he took to it immediately. It's actually pretty cool. Overall I'm pleased with it.

Susan Blake

I loveeeeeee these bottles !!! Make it way easier for me to do things I have to do around the house! Hard juggling a 3 month old and a toddler while working and doing college work , especially when my 3 month old gets hungry. I have to stop everything I'm doing to feed her, but not anymore !


This bottle gives your child the freedom of drinking the milk by themselves without you having to hold them for a long period of time (A supervisor needs to be present with the child at all times). The Bybo Store™ Baby Bottle is also specifically designed to feel similar to natural breastfeeding.


  • Hands Free & Convenient:  This bottle gives your child the freedom of drinking milk without you having to hold them for a long period of time.
    • Shape & Feel Of Natural Breastfeeding: A special design mimics the feel of natural breastfeeding making it easy for them to figure out. 
      • Anti-Colic & Anti-Reflux: The special design allows lets your child ingest the amount of fluid they want without over drinking. This results in less stomach pain.


With the Bybo Store™ Baby Bottle, your child can control the amount of fluid they ingest without over drinking. This results in less stomach pain. Studies have shown a majority of digestive issues in infants stem from over/underfeeding. 


With it's meticulous design, our baby bottle prevents air from entering into the bottle, hence helping your child intake nutrients while eliminating baby gas.


The Bybo Store™ Bottle's self feed design has been recommended across the globe! Let us show you why parents love it, and children adore their Bybo Store™ Bottle.


Children tend to have weak immune systems so it is crucial to sanitize all objects they come into contact with. Here is our recommendation on how to not only clean our baby bottle, but any other baby bottle you may be using:


Start by cleaning all parts with soap and water with your hand. Make sure to rinse well so no soap is left.


 Boil the water for 5-7 minutes.


To start the sterilizing process, place all rinsed parts in a pot.


Wait for the parts to cool down and remove them using a clean tonsil.


Cover everything with water, making sure there are no air bubbles.


Allow time to air dry thoroughly before use.

Jennnifer Martins

Dallas USA

I’ve used these for the last few weeks and they’re great for those times my other son is in need of something. It’s also been great for my baby to practice holding things. He has wanted to try to feed himself for a while but couldn’t get a good grin on the bottle and gets frustrated. He figured out how to hold this one after the first time of using it. He loves it. It’s perfect for babies who like to sit up while drinking their bottle as well. This doesn’t take away from binding during feedings. It actually adds different ways for you to sit and feed your baby. Highly recommend!!

Kate Simons

Boston USA

These bottles are a life saver when you just don't have to time to hold a baby. As a single mom of 3 sometimes I just have to do other stuff and I can sit her next to me with the bottle and she can drink by herself.

Mary Carter


Absolutely perfect! My baby boy loves it and it makes me go about my daily chores without worries. He sits up to eat while I work and it's so amazing.


The Bybo Store Baby Bottle allows your baby to feed or drink their milk without needing to hold the bottle! Product comes with latch-on nipples attached to a straw that connects to a bottle, which allows your baby to sit upright or move comfortably while feeding. It’s also leak-free and prevents air build-up that can cause colic, gassiness and discomfort for your baby. This is sure to make bottle feeding your baby easy breezy!

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Is it good for newborn?

We got these when our son was around three months. Wouldn’t recommend for a new born because they would need to hold it up to their mouth while sucking.

Can I change the nipple?

No. But you can always get a bottle with a nipple that meets your baby needs.

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